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Wisconsin Artist Samuel Li Turned a Hobby into a Career

Samuel Li couldn’t be happier. After teaching himself photography and videography, the multitalented creative is one of the most sought-after talents in Madison, Wisconsin. His portfolio includes names like Samsung, Frito-Lay, Miller Lite, and now Bayshore, which Li has been capturing via photo and video for nearly a year.

"Bayshore has to be one of the longest projects I’ve ever worked on,” he says in early October. “I’ve been most excited to capture this transformation.”

Photo Courtesy of Sam Li

Over the last 12 months, Li has watched as Bayshore has become a dazzling monument to local art. Equipped with his camera, the lenser has captured shot after shot of Milwaukee artists creating distinctive murals and paintings throughout the complex.

“Seeing the whole mall bloom with art and murals is amazing,” he says. “It’s a great opportunity for local artists to get their work shown. Being a local creative myself, it’s always amazing to see others succeed in their field."

And as Bayshore’s official photographer and videographer, it’s Li’s job to show that work to the world. In his words, the lenser strives to showcase the artists, “in the best light possible.” But he’s being modest. Li’s Bayshore visuals are admirable works of art themselves, and his keen eye has conveyed the vibrancy of this unique project.

“I’m all about finding new ways to look at familiar things,” he says.

That means he feels right at home with the Bayshore project, which has enlisted a myriad of creatives to make everything from meters to garages look and feel different. While Li is still capturing footage throughout Bayshore, he is also working throughout Milwaukee as a creative director and cinematographer. While he remains tight-lipped about one of his projects, he believes that it’ll showcase the talent throughout Milwaukee -- just like Bayshore.

“I want Milwaukee to be known as a creative hub,” he says. With him and his camera around, it will be.

For more information about the Bayshore art project visit or follow @thebayshorelife


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