Your First Look at The Bayshore Art Project

The Bayshore Art Project is officially underway, as the program unites more than 15 local Milwaukee-based artists for a vibrant, one-of-a-kind showcase of up-and-coming talent at the new 1.2M sqft outdoor shopping center in Glendale, Wisconsin.

Curated by Milwaukee muralist Emma Daisy, the project is an extension of what Artist Uprising has always strived to do: Provide the biggest stage possible for exciting artists you must know. And with that, we are focusing on highlighting only MKE artists!

Fine artists Anwar Floyd-Pruitt and Dave Watkins kicked off the Bayshore Art Project with a vibrant mural sequence for all you Instagrammers to enjoy! We were excited to see the two collaborators artistically explore their expression of the new Bayshore reimagined, which communicates community, discovery, and togetherness.

Watch the video below for your sneak peek at The Bayshore Art Project. More artist and mural reveals will be forthcoming.

Open artist submissions: If you are a local Milwaukee based muralist, please contact us to review your work for open call submissions on mural opportunities at Bayshore.

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