Top 10 Nashville Artists to Watch, Part 1

We recently shared a list of the top ten Dallas artists perfect for any event stage. Now, we turn our attention east, where a crop of rising Nashville bands and artists are ready for their stage, too.

We're starting with numbers 10-6, then listing 5-1. Happy listening, friends.

Sansol The Artist

10. Sansol The Artist

This Nashville alum has an intriguing new hip hop project that we recently covered on the blog. Check out his new song "Screenshot," an eclectic and creative record that deserves a spot on your Spotify rotation. Watch the video here.

Rapper Stealing Oceans

9. Stealing Oceans

Lyricist Brian Thompson seamlessly melds poetic lyrics with hip hop beats in this entertaining alternative project.

The Foxies

8. The Foxies

This power rock trio has a punk aesthetic and an electro-infused sound that has garnered them a rabid band of followers. Jump on the bandwagon by listening to their new music.

Kid Politics

7. Kid Politics

This trio has offered a steady stream of entertainment in quarantine, which shouldn't surprise anyone who has been following Kid Politics. They're fun, talented and a must-watch pop group.

Stoop Kids

6. Stoop Kids

This group of five psychedelic voyagers has a new song and an electrifying catalog of dance-ready tracks. Their songs are fun, entertaining and dangerously catchy. Enjoy.

Stay tuned for numbers 5-1.

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