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Artist Spotlight: Sansol The Artist

The way Sansol The Artist sees it, he had two options.

"I can wait for the quarantine to get better," he says, "or I can pull in all of my community and people, check on my friends, and do the thing I’ve been talking about doing for so long."

He chose the latter. Reeling from devastating tornado and learning how to cope with COVID-19, the Nashville-based artist finished his single "Screenshot."

Sansol The Artist

"Screenshot" is a deftly produced record drawing from Sansol's past as a pop performer and his knack for finding melodies. "Screenshot" even includes a barking Boston Terrier named Stevie Wonder Nicks. When Sansol heard the terrier barking, he knew it would make a unique, off-kilter addition to his song.

"That jumped off this idea of, 'Let’s be crazy and weird and do something fresh.'"

To finish the track, Sansol The Artist enlisted the help of his friend and collaborator Charlotte Sands. He wrote the second verse with Sands' help, then tracked the song, shot a music video, made a TikTok challenge and released the record--all in the span of a few days. He attributes part of that rapid production to our global pandemic.

“This quarantine is forcing people to pay attention to each other and spend their energy and time on what they need," he says.

But that's not the whole story. 2020 will be filled with many more more songs from Sansol The Artist.

In his words, “I have other songs on deck."

Photo courtesy Sansol The Artist


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