We'll Take You There: Meet Drigo on The Hill

"We'll Take You There" is our behind-the-scenes look at the work that may be too far for you to see anytime soon. Since we're isolated in hour homes for the time being, we're taking a look back at the vibrant mural showcase on The Hill.

You can walk by a Drigo mural anywhere in Dallas and immediately know who created it. That's what made him a no-brainer for The Hill.

The talented artist has painted everything from canvases to skateboards to entire skate parks, and his Hill work exemplifies the kind of nature-inspired beauty he is known to evoke.

Take a look at his work via the videos below, and learn more about Drigo on our list of the Top 10 Dallas Muralists to Commission in 2020.

Drigo's work on The Hill

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