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Top 10 Dallas Muralists to Commission in 2020

A crop of creative artists have put Dallas on the mural map. But which muralists will elevate your business, gallery, installation or experience with their stellar craftsmanship? Try any of these ten electrifying talents, and you won't be disappointed.

A true "artist uprising" from Dallas to NYC, comes the detailed doodle-ist, Ben Reynolds. This young muralist captivates Dallas denizens with his intricate illustrations. Book Ben to give your business an instant boost of youthful energy and zen.

Ben Reynolds creating a mural

You'd be hard-pressed to find an artist as talented as Shellis. The multi-talented muralist creates killer commissions and amazing murals that can be seen from Dallas all the way to London. Book this internationally acclaimed artist if you're looking for talent with a vision for street-style!

Stanley Korshak window display x Shellis

Few artists in Dallas--or anywhere--share Kyle's knack for crafting vibrant murals. The internationally known artist is a jack of all trades, and a master of many mediums. Book this photographer-fine artist-muralist to make the walls of your business or the halls of your gallery burst with creativity.

Mural by Kyle Steed

Some of the most memorable murals are celebrations of celebrities and pop culture. Mexico native Agustin Chavez, aka DummyFresh, has a penchant for taking pop culture icons like Kobe Bryant and Bart Simpson and creating something wholly original. Below is a collaboration between us, Magdiel Lopez and Dummy Fresh for the newest Common Desk located at Cityline in Richardson TX! Looking for a custom collab? Book Dummy Fresh and Magdiel at Belmont Creative.

Mural by DummyFresh

It's impossible to look at a mural by Mariell and not be happy. Her richly colored creations are the talk of Dallas and Fort Worth, and the talented artist will instantly enliven any project you have in the works. Book Mariell for that summer sizzle mural!

Mural by Mariell Guzman

Drigo has dressed up everything from skateparks to gallery walls with his inventive illustrations. This globe-trotting artist has a distinctive, flora-inspired flair, and has conquered the Dallas art scene with sheer grit, talent and creativity. Drigo is in hot demand, so book him while you can.

An original Drigo creation

Entrepreneur, author and creative trailblazer Alli K epitomizes the hustle it takes to thrive as a creative. Her beautiful black-and-white creations are perfect for adding subtle touches to the walls of your business. Book Alli K for that perfect black and white minimalist touch!

Alli K, hard at work

Another black and white muralist is Wheron! His work can be found across Dallas, and for good reason...Wheron captures the story of every client he works with, and conveys it with a memorable look. Book him now collaborate with one of the most Instagrammed muralists in Dallas!

Wheron shows one of his marvelous murals

From Mavericks murals to instantly memorable originals, Pannek and partner Adrienne Creasey are rightfully known as one of the go-to duos for a killer mural. Book the Deep Ellum duo if you're looking to partner with top-tier talent with recognizable style.

Pannek and Creasey recently crafted a Mavs-inspired mural

Haylee has a special talent for bringing people to life through her evocative murals. Her work adorns entire buildings across Dallas, proving Haylee is your must-have muralist for projects big or small. If you want a mural to evoke history and purpose with a modern twist, book Haylee Ryan!

Haylee Ryan's distinctive murals found at Common Desk at The Factory in West End

Haylee Ryan for Bishop Arts District

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