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Dallas's Pop Princess, Seysei, Reveals New Side Project, YES NO YES

Updated: Sep 8, 2021

YES NO YES formed in Spring 2021 amongst creative forces, Seysei and Aves Noir, who came together with the sole purpose of collaborating on fun, exploratory sounds outside of their known respective genres. What began as a creative outlet on the side quickly grew into more. As the pair got to work experimenting in-studio, Seysei and Aves Noir realized they were organically creating the kind of music heard on TV shows, ads and films. Today, Yes No Yes are working with multiple sync agencies in Los Angeles on placements and expanding their catalogue.

“One of the best things about our working relationship is that we can be the best of friends while also sharpening each other as teammates. We are making moves in the business by pulling each other up” - Seysei

Q&A with Seysei About "YDEK," the Group's Debut Single

Artist Uprising: What does YDEK stand for and what's the inspiration?

Seysei: YDEK” is an acronym for “You Don’t Even Know." It's inspired by naive teenage love and highlights the feeling of realizing that someone is only in love with the idea of being in love. The lyrics also explain how a person can feel like a mess but confident in their own mess at the same time.

Artist Uprising: We love the video for the song. The vibe is super fun--looks like it was fun to make. Who came up with the idea?

Seysei: We just created the visual on a whim in the spirit of having fun! We rented a Porsche, drove to some places that hold great memories for us and had our friend Nathaniel Abraham film it all!

Artist Uprising: Can you tell us about your creative process in writing YDEK?

Seysei: Aves Noir started with a few pre-produced musical ideas and then we just started singing melodies that fit the vibe for teenager in love. I wanted to write a song that felt like the first time you fall for someone. Not jaded, a little naive. In that carefree spirit, I wanted to come up with a catchy chorus that feels nostalgic for listeners and compliments the context of falling for someone, maybe prematurely. I tried to think, "OK - what's the most hurtful thing one 6 year old could say to another?" Nana-nana-boo-boo immediately came to mind, so we thought it'd be funny to incorporate that into the melody. I really love how well it worked!

Artist Uprising: You know we're obsessed with art around here. How did you come up with the visual for the album art and icon?

Seysei: We really wanted to have ourselves represented differently from the artistic image our fans know of us to keep this project completely separate. Our illustrator, Yoshita Chadha, sketched out these amazing avatars for our YES NO YES identities. From there we ran with animated vibe and commissioned the illustration for our album art in the same way.

I am so excited for the world to hear our first single out as a producer/artist collab so they can see how versatile we are and how much fun we have truly doing what we love. We don’t feel confined creatively so we're able to bring new sounds, voices and feelings to life in our music!” - Seysei

IG: @yesnoyes_productions

Facebook: YESNOYESproductions




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