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Artist Uprising Podcast: Interview with JD Moore

Updated: Aug 10, 2021

“There’s art that I would like to make, and art I have to make.”

That’s JD Moore, a Dallas native who creates striking paintings, portraits and murals. In an exclusive interview with Larry Gee on the Artist Uprising podcast, the multi-talented artist walks listeners through his ongoing journey as a creative -- a journey that includes the lows, highs and harrowing hallmarks that many artists can relate to.

“Going forward, how my work might evolve will surround how to tell a story,” he says, “and that’s the challenge: how do I evolve and tell stories while having this consistency and growth.”

Like many of the creatives interviewed by Gee, JD Moore has a fascinating origin story. After developing a love for art in high school, he apprenticed with a tattoo artist. He discusses the first tattoo he ever created -- a crown shrouded in gray and black -- and traces his journey from that Dallas tattoo shop to Italy, where he spent a summer studying fresco painting. Gee, who has several tattoos from Moore, also gets the young artist’s perspective on how galleries can join the fight for racial equity.

“We really don’t see ourselves represented in these galleries unless it’s for Black History Month or something like that,” Moore tells the host. “What’s happening now is needed. We’re challenging people and pushing them outside of their comfort zones.”

Moore’s work is part of that challenge. By telling authentic stories through his painting and photo work, he is chronicling the joy, emotion, power and truth of his community.

“Lately, I’ve had some mural opportunities to be unapologetically proud of my community and myself,” he says. “I’m trying to normalize our presence and our stories outside of the struggle.”

Check out the Artist Uprising podcast to listen to Gee's full interview with JD Moore and other interviews with creatives from across the country. To follow JD Moore and his work check out his Instagram and website.


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