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People Around the World Remind Us Why We Need Art More Than Ever

"The power of art is that it can connect us to one another, and to larger truths about what it means to be alive and what it means to be human." -Daniel Levitin

We're always moving. The next gig, the next showing, the next commission: As artists, we live lives of constant hustle, hustling for the next big opportunity. Amidst that hustle, it's easy to forget about the power - and the necessity - of our work.

Concerns about the new coronavirus have cast a fog of uncertainty over our world, and thrust us into an idle position. There are more questions and answers, and chief among those questions is a simple, troubling query: "What do we do?"

The answer: Create. As you take the necessary precautions to protect yourself and your loved one, it is vital to remember the power that art and the act of creating can have for you - and for others.

Consider the trumpet player in Italy, who gave his quarantined neighbors a free concert. In Seville, Spain, a fitness instructor engaged people in an entirely different form of art, leading a fitness class for people to enjoy on their balconies. Elsewhere in Italy, neighbors joined together for an uplifting concert.

“It’s not like we’re maestros,” one of the impromptu artists said, but “it’s a moment of joy in this moment of anxiety.”

That's the power of art in times of crisis: it uplifts. It enlivens. It shows us we are not alone.

So take this time to hone your craft. Write a song, create a new piece or practice the self-care that our hustle often prohibits. But above all else, look for opportunities to share your art with others. If you ever doubt the power of your work, watch this video from Italy. From the solitude of their homes, these neighbors reached out, one by one, raising their voices. Eventually, they became one.


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