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Visual Artist Tramaine Townsend Talks About Succeeding With Multiple Mediums

To see his work is to experience something visceral. Whether framing a photograph or shooting a film, Top 25 creative Tramaine Townsend has a knack for immersing his audience in profound, powerful and memorable stories. Recently, the Dallas creative has collaborated with Medicine Man Revival, Sweet Tooth Hotel and Bobby Sessions to create striking visuals and videos. In an exclusive interview with the Artist Uprising podcast, Townsend talks about his journey traversing multiple mediums.

"I've been an artist for as long as I can remember," he says. "I went from motion graphics to photography, then photography turned into design stuff, which turned into film."

Townsend is a classically trained artist, but his passion for creating strong visuals comes not from the classroom, but from cartoons. The artist grew up watching cartoons like Dragonball Z, and yearned to captivate and cultivate his own audience. Now he has one, but Townsend is always eager to switch gears, try something new and continue to evolve.

"I jump back and forth between a few things at a time, so it kind of depends on what day you're talking to me," he says. "Depending on the day, I can tell you one thing I'm working on, or three things."

This exclusive Artist Uprising interview addresses his influences, his dreams, his struggles and his next act.

"I put out fires, then I start new ones," he says. Listen to the interview now.


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