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Top 10 Nashville Artists to Watch, Part 2

As impossible as it sounds, we compiled a list of just 10 Nashville outstanding Nashville artists you should We recently ran down numbers 10-6 in this list of acts and artists who deserve your time, attention, and support. Now it's time to wrap up the list with the top 5.

Happy listening, friends.


This indie pop duo offer up consistent bops laced with ferocious lyrics and dreamy melodies.

Future Thieves

We previously covered this rock pop trio and their exciting new release Emotional Cost. The new EP is a searing chronicle of doubt and uncertainty, AKA the perfect soundtrack for our moment.

Charlotte Sands

The (currently) blue-haired pop songstress has a new record, a powerful voice, and talent for days.

Leah Blevins

This insanely talented singer-songwriter crafts heartrending Americana and country tunes. Listen now, thank us later.

Daphne Willis

The Texas-born artist has collaborated with John Oates and Meghan Trainor, but it's her solo work that has us hooked. In a city full of stars, she still manages to stand out.


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