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Artist You Oughta Know: The Last Bison

Photo by Lauren Malpass

On "Artist You Oughta Know," we introduce you to artists that you...well, oughta know. Be it for their distinctive style or their sheer talent, these are artists from all over the country who deserve your time, attention and support. Today's artist is the Norfolk-born, Nashville-based folk: The Last Bison.

When was the last time you heard someone really rock out on a cello? Never, you say? Okay, that’s about to change.

You see, The Last Bison is one of music’s best kept secrets. The band -- which is now just a duo -- has been steadily cranking out stellar music for a decade. Cellist Amos Housworth and singer Ben Hardesty craft the kind of layered arrangements that are scarcely seen nor heard anywhere else. It’d be enough to write some powerful lyrics and anchor those words with a cello, but The Last Bison never seems to settle for “good enough.”

Over the years, they’ve experimented with sounds that we suppose you could describe as “roots,” “rock,” “folk” or “pop,” but therein lies this duo’s magic: consciously or not, they rebel against any effort of classification. Instead, they pick and choose from a diverse slate of styles. The result is what the band calls, “mountain-top chamber music.” Fans of Fleet Foxes, Mt. Joy or, heck, good ‘ol fashioned chamber music will be delighted by songs like “Gold” or the even newer “The Last Fire.” And here’s the best news: the band has teased new music in 2021.

‘Til then, enjoy their latest tune and this live performance.

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