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“Subliminal Message” Introduces Dallas to Gallery no. 704

Updated: Jan 13, 2020

If you dreamed up a dinner party for Dallas’s most premier visual artists, the scene at ”Subliminal Message” may have come close.

With a picturesque view of Dallas’ gleaming skyline, patrons and residents of the luxurious Harwood District high rise Bléu Ciel were entranced by an art show featuring work by some of the city’s most well-known creators. The show marked the opening of the pristine and prestigious Gallery no. 704, and a star-studded celebration of high-end local art.

In the living room, clothing designer Travis Austin rubbed shoulders with painter Michael Shellis, talking shop while and chatting with excited patrons. In another room, artist, explorer and ocean warrior Jeremy McKane talked with a trio of collectors intrigued by his immersive ocean-set photography, all while eyeing some predictably impressive work by uber-talented oil painter Kelsey Anne Heimerman. Moments later, the two retreat to a third room to talk about their craft, while world-renowned painter Matthew Brinston, fresh off a residency in France, caught up with Shellis.

The show was not only a Who’s Who of Dallas, but a perfect start to a new decade of collaboration and creativity. Creators engaged with art aficionados and collectors eager to discuss their innovative work. “Subliminal Message” also offered a far-reaching look at several different, distinctive styles. While McKane’s aquatically inspired art collided with multi-talented multi-hyphenate Eddie Love’s surreal paintings, Travis Austin’s eclectic collection of in-demand clothing items shared a space with Shellis’ eye-popping pop culture-inspired pieces. The crowd--a mix of family, friends, Bléu Ciel residents, and curious collectors--was as varied as the works of art they loved. But they left with one thing in common: a shared amazement of the people they met and the art they admired.


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