Remy Reilly: "The Tranquil Voice of Youth"

Photography by: Will Von Bolton

With musical influences like The Cure, Norah Jones, and ZZ Ward, you would never imagine Remy Reilly is only 14 years old. Her ability to fuse jazz, indie, and pop genres to create a fresh sound leaves listeners lost in the space of throwback beats and current vibes. Raised by musical parents in Frisco, Reilly began singing at the age of two and grew up attending concerts and studio sessions. Her father, John Nicholson, is a Disney Music Group executive who has worked in promotion for over 15 years—not to mention also a huge influence in his daughter’s life. Amy, Reilly’s mother, is a former radio DJ. By age 11, the young musician became passionate about learning to play the drums.

“When I went to concerts, I was enamored with watching the drummer; no matter what, my eyes were always on the drummer.”

Reilly said. Learning the drums was the foundation for her understanding of rhythm and timing, thus preparing her to also play the piano, ukulele, and guitar. Fans are captivated by her raw tones that effortlessly dance over the smooth and tasteful piano chords during her shows. Reilly’s long golden hair and natural beauty mimic her relaxed sound—easy on the eyes, easy on the ears, easy on the soul.

“When I visited the Musical Instrument Museum in Phoenix, Arizona, a quote caught my eye that I have never forgotten since: ‘Music is the language of the soul.’ It was a simple statement, but it has resonated with me.”

Reilly may be young, but the girl puts her game face on when it comes to playing shows. Last year, she faced the challenges...



You can find Reilly hanging out at Opening Bell Coffee and Deep Ellum Art Co., two of her favorite local spots in Dallas.





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