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  • Written by: Timothy Talbott

5 Reasons Why Hollywood Should Move Projects to Dallas

Photograph by: Jakob Owens

As a Dallas native and advocate, I want to bring the ‘Hollywood’ film industry to the Metroplex. I pride myself in being a local producer, and created a production and distribution company, Double T Productions, to carry out my vision of Dallas-based filming. The main problem is that filmmakers choose to produce movies in other states using their land and labeling it Texas, so the profits go elsewhere. As a proud Texan born and raised, I want people to know that they can do what they love in the film industry right here in their backyard and these are the reasons why.

Space - In Dallas, and Texas in general, there is so much space. We are not confined to certain areas that are overpopulated or traffic jams that take multiple hours to get from one place to the next. It’s convenient.Landscapes - There are so many unique spots for filming. From the open areas of farmland to a one-of-a-kind city skyline. A simple walk through downtown will showcase such uniquely crafted spots.

Cost - The overall cost of living is cheaper here than the big movie capitals, which are California and New York. It’s a fact that the value of the dollar is $1.03 in Texas versus .89 cents in California. Even the cost of producing films are cheaper. “The Long Road Home” filmed in Fort Hood in Killeen, TX and projected $1.5 million saved by shooting there instead of on an L.A. backlot.

Talent - What a lot don’t realize is that Texas has so much natural talent and these people WANT to work in this industry. Some may not have the means to move to Hollywood, but hold the same talents as a lot of distinguished individuals. From camera crews to actors, you name it.

Economic Growth - Productions have spent $1.3 billion in Texas Economy between Sept. 1, 2007 to Aug. 31, 2017 and created 153,000 jobs. Even the HGTV show “Fixer Upper” and its Magnolia Market attracted an average of more than 30,000 visitors a week to Waco, TX in 2017, which increased economic flow within the community. It brings people to an area and helps underutilized areas become new again.

I’m currently in the process of producing several films this year, including “Silhouette”, “Truckfish”, and “Comanchero”, all of which will carry the mission of proving what Texas is made of. The ultimate goal is to build a production studio in Dallas to entice investors and start a significant movement in the industry. There is a lot of opportunity here that we need to shed a light on.




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