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The Music Goes On: Artists Turn to Live Streams During Quarantine

"Creativity takes courage."

-Henri Matisse

DJ Sober is one of many artists taking their talents to social media amid self-quarantine

"What do you want to hear?" It was a rainy Tuesday afternoon on Dallas, and Tippy Balady wanted to play something you like. Like most Dallas denizens, the artist was self-quarantined. But despite the limitations, she wanted to perform -- and, more importantly, she wanted her audience to smile.

Balady, who just released a killer new song, is just one of many artists in Dallas and beyond who are taking to social media in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. DJ Sober and Sudie--Dallas' coolest roommates--went live on Thursday, 3/19 for one of their classic Bedroom Boogie sessions.

Some artists are raising money, others are raising morale. Some, like Texas musician David Ramirez, are hosting regular livestreams. All of these artists are doing their part to highlight the creativity that, even in crisis, still flourishes.

Dallas Loft Stories is your premier source for all of the must-see livestream "events" happening while we're on lockdown. Here are just a few you can watch from your home:

Bayleigh Cheek

The uber-talented Dallas songwriter went live last night. Every dollar that was donated during the performance entered you into a prize drawing. The prize: studio time at The Back Door Studio.

"I'm A Fan Of..." Open Mic

The popular podcast is hosting an 'Open Mic' episode the week of March 23, inviting musicians, comics and spoken word performers to take the stage at a time when they can't. Artists are invited to record and send a set to There is so minimum time, but sets should not exceed five minutes, and should not include previously recorded material.

QuaranTV Streaming Show by DJ Blake Ward and Double Wide (Streaming Multiple Dates)

Double Wide and one of Dallas' most revered DJs have teamed up to bring you QuranTV: an easy way to support your favorite local artists during this pandemic. So many creatives have lost jobs and gigs, but by supporting projects like this, we can support them--and enjoy a virtual concert at the same time. QuaranTV brings your fave locals to your home, allowing you to stay safe and entertained at the same time.

Mitchell Ferguson & Corina Grove

This dynamic duo went live for a croonfest last night to satisfy country their country fans. You can watch their livestream on Facebook.

Stay The F*ck Home Fest (Friday, March 27 @ 7pm EST / 6pm CST)

The aptly named Stay The F*ck Home Fest goes live on Friday, March 27. Artists from across the world will be able to perform for the masses, all from the comfort of their home -- which is where you're invited to watch from. You can even tip the artists via Venmo during their set. As many artists have echoed, it's more important to stay home than go to a concert. Thanks to this fest and similar events, you don't have to choose between the two.

So stay the f*ck home and stay glued to Artist Uprising. We'll get through this together, and enjoy some good tunes along the way.


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