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Artist Uprising Podcast: Season 2 Preview featuring Jencey + Cole Keeton, and Charles Smith II.

Season 2 of the Artist Uprising Podcast is underway with more authentic conversations, artist origin stories, and golden nuggets for those pursuing their own creative endeavors. With a new element to build on to the stellar interviews Larry gEE hosted in Season 1 (shh! it's a surprise!), you won't want to miss talks of last-minute venue changes, sketchy cab rides, and what it truly means to pursue professional creativity.

Episode 22: Jencey and Cole Keeton

Photography by TA Visuals

“We want to get more exposure for the artists.”

Episode 22: Sweet Tooth Hoteliers, Jencey + Cole Keeton

There is a hotel where the guests don't stay the night, each door leads to a different world and those worlds constantly change. For anyone on Instagram, Sweet Tooth Hotel has more than likely crossed your feed. Bright, punchy colors, touchable textures, and a new escape at every turn. How creator, Jencey Keeton, arrived at the concept of such an experience is just as colorful as the immersive installation itself. No one can tell that story quite like she does, which Jencey shares in Episode 22 of the podcast, but it does involve a sketchy cab ride in Brooklyn. Be sure to listen for the full story, how Jencey plans to gain more exposure for STH featured artists, and more!

“We're bringing education about the art and we're bringing joy to peoples' lives.”

Photography by TA Visuals

Episode 23: Charles Smith II

Photography provided by Charles Smith II

"There are a lot of internal things, as creatives, that we have to be real with ourselves about... don't play yourself."

Charles Smith II seems to have lived many lives before arriving as a successful fashion brand designer. From pro basketball, to -quite literally- being thrust into the modeling world, Smith is no stranger to adaptation and evolution. In fact, in Episode 23, Charles shares about an almost-gone-rogue runway show, that you just have to hear for yourself.

After a brief time with Charles Smith II, it's apparent that he has harnessed what it means to be a maker, and continuously fight for that. Frankly, we can't get enough. This episode is packed with gems from beginning to end. We wouldn't dare give them away here, so make sure to stream Episode 23 of the Artist Uprising Podcast for a look into Charles Smith II's journey.

"Now I'm creating with the bottom line in mind and I know how to work smarter."

Photography provided by Charles Smith II

Check out the Artist Uprising podcast to listen to Gee's full interview with Jencey + Cole Keeton, Charles Smith II and other interviews with creatives from across the country. To follow these creatives and their work check them out on Instagram and online. Jencey + Cole and Sweet Tooth Hotel and website


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