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  • Written by: Sydney Cooper

Photography of the Heart by DRAVENSVIEW

Beginning in videography, with the intention of shooting music videos, to falling in love with photography only a year ago, the heartbreaker Draven shows photography of the heart.

Draven’s photography journey began ironically by shooting a music video. One of the female cast members wanted her pictures taken, so he agreed.

“I took the pictures for her and posted them on Instagram," Draven said. "I got some good feedback on them and that made me want to continue to do it.”

With video on the back burner, Draven has his sights set mainly on his current journey. In the beginning of his photography career, Draven started out with street photography, shooting shops in Dallas. With others replicating his shots, Draven decided to take more portrait and lifestyle photos.

“I decided to make a choice with something that I feel like would be a lot harder to replicate,” Draven said. “So I started taking more portraits and from there I really liked it.”

Photography by DRAVENSVIEW

To describe his aesthetic, Draven used two other photographers names to demonstrate a sort of spectrum.

“It’s a mix between Brandon Woelfel and Mark Del Mar, (referred to as Bleeblu, his Instagram name) they’re both portrait photographers,” Draven said. “They have two completely different styles. Brandon on one side is very ethereal, colorful with prisms, lights and stuff. Bleeblu is more natural lighting, just natural tones. I feel like I’m in the middle of both.”

If you take a gander at DRAVENSVIEW on Instagram his new username is @_hrtbrk. The idea behind the name was inspired by Kanye West’s 808s & Heartbreak album.

“It fueled the want and the direction to do the heartbreak thing,” Draven said.

“From there I kind of gave it my own meaning. Basically through heartbreak, it helped fuel my photography because at the time I was taking pictures I wasn’t really happy with them and the person I was talking to at the time, they didn’t really like my pictures either and they vocalized it. It pushed me to want to go harder at photography and what I was doing. I feel like that’s what heartbreak does.Whether or not you’re dating the person, you could lose someone and it can make you work harder for something. Through tragedy comes good, that’s the basis of the whole heartbreak thing and you can take it multiple ways. You can be the heartbreaker or you can be the heartbroken and I’ve changed between both. But the overall thing is brokenhearted-ness.”

Love DRAVENSVIEW? Look out for a surprise collaboration with a friend photographer to create a merchandise line called “Broken Dreams.” While that project is in progress, Draven looks to keep traveling and creating more content.


Instagram: @_hrtbrk

Twitter: @_DravensView

Facebook: Draven's View


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