What Makes Artist Uprising Studios the Perfect Space for Creatives?

For years, David Porcheddu’s time was consumed by a seemingly endless search. Porcheddu, a Dallas-based photographer, spent so much time trying to find the right gear and the perfect space for any given gig. It was draining -- and costly.

“I was tired of that cutting into my bottom line,” he says.

And he knew that other photographers felt the same way. That’s why he and his wife Merrick, Artist Uprising’s founder and CEO, set out to create their own studio: a space where companies, photographers and creatives of every kind could come and create amazing projects in a friendly, flexible and multi-faceted environment.

Photo by Ramiro DeLoza at Artist Uprising Studios

“We wanted a space by creatives for creatives,” David says. And now, he has one.

In September, Artist Uprising Studios enjoyed a soft opening in Richardson, Texas. In an interview with Larry Gee on the Artist Uprising podcast, Porcheddu explains what makes this studio different.

“It’s a whole experience,” he says, “from the moment you drive into the parking lot.”

Photo by Matt Engelking

Perched on the corner of James and Floyd, this former auto repair shop has a unique, alluring aesthetic. As Porcheddu notes, the architecture is very streamlined, with two gigantic Dwindow garage doors and lush greenery giving the exterior a throwback California ranch look. The inside is sparsely populated with carefully selected furniture, white and black walls for different looks, and all of the assets creatives need for a stellar photo shoot.

Larry Gee, a seasoned creative who has seen his fair share of studios, toured the space earlier this month. He left flabbergasted by the studio’s sheer look and the possibilities available within.

“From the second you pull up, there’s a story being told,” he shares on the podcast. “And when you go inside, you’re blown away.”

The entire space is rentable, including the massive lawn--something that Porcheddu says was important to him and the studio team.

“We know there’s a lot of photographers that don’t have massive budgets,” he says. “But when you go into some studios, you’re limited to one look. We wanted to offer creatives a numerous amount of options in a short amount of time.”

But while the focus is creatives, the photographer believes Artist Uprising Studios will ultimately bring together a wide range of people who care about the burgeoning arts scene in North Texas. It can host film screenings, art shows, corporate events or small gatherings.

“The further north, the less creative spaces you have,” he says. “So we felt like we could bridge the gap. We want to create community.”

For more information about Artist Uprising Studios visit www.artistuprisingstudios.com or follow @artistuprising.studios on Instagram

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