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Painter Kelsey Anne Heimerman Talks Hustling for Breakthroughs on the Artist Uprising Podcast

Kelsey Anne Heimerman uses 24 karat gold in practically every painting she creates. The style is befitting for the accomplished oil painter, who has sold and displayed works across the country and the world. Her paintings are breathtaking beautiful stories, and each contains the kind of electric vibrancy that most artists dream of rendering.

Heimerman has her own stories, too, and she recently sat down with the Artist Uprising podcast to share a few of them. The acclaimed painter comes from a creative family, and has strived for years to carve a niche for herself in the oft-taxing art world. Her wide-ranging podcast interview touches on this admirable hustle, while also emphasizing the importance of mindfulness and meditation -- two things Heimerman goes to great lengths to practice when she is not painting.

Heimerman also discusses her career's many breakthroughs, and discusses what her big plans are for 2020 and beyond. Listen to the full interview on the Artist Uprising podcast, and stay tuned for more interviews with amazing creatives.


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