5 New Year's Resolutions for Artists

Make 2020 a year of creativity, collaboration, and kindness

You deserve more than the traditional list of new year's resolutions. Here are some resolutions to kickstart your creativity as we begin a new decade.

1. Be Kinder to Yourself

You may have lofty expectations for yourself and your craft, and sometimes that means grueling schedules and heartbreak. While it's important to hustle and grind, it's just as important to take a beat and rest. Make time for self care and self love in 2020, whether that means a day off, more time with friends and family, or more time to yourself. You've earned it.

2. Do Something That Scares You

It's scary to share your art, but by now, you may have been doing that steadily for years. Even if you're new to your craft, it takes courage to create. Perform in front of your biggest audience yet, share your work with a new crowd, or push yourself further outside your comfort zone than you ever have. Sometimes that is where creativity thrives.

3. Make a New Connection in Your Field

Networking may not be your forte or your favorite, but it is important. Whether it's new management or a fellow artist, introduce yourself to someone new in 2020. You never know: they could help you make your next big career move.

4. Pick Up a New Hobby

If you play guitar, pick up a paintbrush. If you're a writer, pick up a pick and start strumming. Learning a new instrument or a new craft can help hone your creativity and give you another artistic outlet when you want a break from your typical hustle.

5. Show Off Your Work More

Because it's yours, and you deserve an audience.

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