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Artist Spotlight: Taylor Davidson

Not too long ago, Taylor Davidson started going door to door at local restaurants and coffee shops. With promotional posters in tow, the talented artist was intent on landing gigs and showing off her chops. She was in the 6th grade. Now, with the release of her debut single, Taylor Davidson is ready to take center stage as one of Dallas’ up-and-coming pop and country artists.

On Tuesday, June 23, the talented 17-year-old Taylor Davidson released “Lonely,” a searing single that showcases her ability to connect with listeners and tell resonant stories.

“‘Lonely’ [is] about trying to get over someone once they're gone,” she says. “It's about trying to replace that empty place in your heart with new things and people, but no matter how hard you try, seeking approval from other people won't make you happy.”

Davidson will follow up “Lonely” with a song called “Matches,” which she says is all about “starting fresh.” Plus, she has more songs in the works, with eyes on a potential album release in the fall.


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