CEO Merrick Porcheddu Talks Arts and Entertainment in the Time of Coronavirus

"Creativity is the way I share my soul with the world."

-Brene Brown

Our fearless founder and CEO Merrick Porcheddu launched Artist Uprising because she is passionate about supporting and guiding artists doing their creative journeys. Now, with artists facing perhaps more challenges than ever, she sat down for a Q&A.

What do you think artists should do to stay on top of their craft in a time like this?

Now is the time to create. As I've been talking to artists the last few days, they've inspired me with the ways they're approaching this challenge. Their primary reason for being an artist is to explore and express who they are. With all of us distanced from one another, now is the time for introspection, and that's often when creativity is birthed. It's time to become introverted, get creative, and remember why you started doing what you do in the first place.

What should musicians do as their gigs are being cancelled?

This is a great time to write new material, or hop on a call with a collaborator and co-write. It's also a perfect time to do a virtual show. We're seeing so many amazing artists do great livestreams. You could go either way: revert back in or write, write, write, or express yourself outwardly and engage with fans who, too, are isolated. We've even seen lots of musicians make money off of those live concerts, too. It's also important to utilize your network. Talk to artists who are going through the same thing: How are they maximizing this time? What are they doing to make up for the lost income? Talk to your fellow creatives, and promote their work as well as yours, because we're all in this together.

What artists or works of art are you most inspired by during times like these?

There's an amazing Guardian story from 2012 that I keep thinking about. It's about how artists kept painting through the Black Death. It's a powerful reminder of how creativity has the power to get us through tines like these.

How has the reaction you've seen from the Dallas arts community uplifted you?

Every time I'm on the internet or social media, I see stories about artists supporting one another. They're tagging each other in threads, encouraging people to engage with their work, and it's inspiring. Dallas Loft Stories is a great place to start. They're sharing all of these amazing stories about local artists supporting each other, and doing amazing things to keep the spirit of entrepreneurship alive. In Dallas, and in so many other communities across that country, that spirit of entrepreneurship is more alive than it's ever been.

Stay tuned to Artist Uprising as we continue to chronicle the creative community's response to COVID-19.

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