We'll Take You There: Meet Acclaimed Muralist Wheron on The Hill

"We'll Take You There" is our behind-the-scenes look at the work that may be too far for you to see anytime soon. Since we're isolated in hour homes for the time being, we're taking a look back at the vibrant mural showcase on The Hill.

If you've explored Dallas at any point in the last, say, five years, you've undoubtedly seen the work of Will Heron. The talented muralist, who works under the art alias Wheron, creates the kind of eye-popping public street art that is practically a magnet for Instagram. Naturally, veteran art curator Joshua King knew he had to have Wheron at The Hill.

Wheron in his natural habitat: On a ladder, with a paintbrush.

King said he wanted the artists of The Hill to have a developed style: "Someone whose work you see, and you know exactly who it is." By that standard, Wheron is the perfect pick.

Watch the videos below for a look at some of Wheron's wonderful work.

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