Max Kütz: The Believer

Photograph by: Max Kütz

Max Kütz captures the world with striking editorial, fashion, portrait, and lifestyle photography. It’s easy to see that the young photographer values a precise taste for minimalism, texture, and raw humanism.

“If I had the best camera skills but no eye, I might be able to make money but would gain no respect from people in the industry. On the other hand, I know people who have no idea how to use a camera yet their work is mind-blowing. My goal is to master both the eye and the skill."

Kütz is drawn to the paradox of muted vibrancies.

“It’s not about the gear. I mean, having expensive camera equipment helps, but gear should help create a vision. Vision is king; it always has to rule over the equipment."

Much of Kütz’s early work is unreleased, including photos he took at a refugee camp in Greece. Children chase one another with emergency blankets as capes. They are surrounded by filth, rubble, and a muted backdrop—yet in their joy lies vibrancy. It was in these moments that Kütz found purpose by way of his craft.

“To me, art is about ourselves and others. It’s naive to say that our personality and our taste doesn’t show up in our work; or that what defines us doesn’t show up in our work. What’s inside a musician shows up in their music. What’s inside a writer shows up in their writing. What’s inside of me shows up in my photographs."

Several years ago during a trip to Munich, Kütz left the camera behind and instead...


You will find Kütz connecting with other creatives at Houndstooth Coffee or editing some of his finest work at The Adolphus.





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