Magdiel Lopez: "Layers in Absolutes"

Image by: Magdiel Lopez

Curiosity, authenticity, imagination, and zeal are the perfect blend of character traits one could possess to not only inspire culture, but shape it for the better. Sixty seconds in the presence of Magdiel Lopez and his curious eyes and warm heart would tell you a story that would last you a year. Maybe this is why his series titled A Poster Every Day drew fans in overnight, making this Dallas-based graphic designer “instafamous” across Instagram, Pinterest, Behance, Society6, YouTube, and Creatnprocess tutorials. His surrealist designs have been featured by top brands like Nike, Adobe software, Cosmopolitan, and MTV.

“Creativity isn’t something that comes and goes; It IS something you can provoke and make happen. ALL You have to DO IS push yourself,”

Magdiel’s childhood was a far cry from the digital world we are so accustomed to today. He spent much of his time etching stories with pen and paper from his quaint cottage home in Havana, Cuba.

“When I was growing up in Cuba, we went to church religiously. So, I would draw whatever the sermons were about to keep myself engaged,”

said Lopez. Lopez recalls the hours spent outside his grandma’s house, staring at the sky and making shapes artistically that recounted the mystery of the breadth of the universe. The magic of the sky hasn’t left Lopez. Many of his posters illustrate the...


Lopez currently serves as the creative director at Fellowship Church Dallas campus. You will also most likely run into him at Magnolias: Sous Le Pont and Mudsmith.





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