Bryson and Megan Funk Talk About Launching Their Own Concert Series

The aptly named Funks were looking for a music venue for an album release party when they had an idea that changed their lives.

"We thought, 'What if we just did it ourselves?'" Megan Funk recalls. "I like to call that my three seconds of bravery."

Megan and her husband Bryson are the founders of Loft Stories, a concert series with a twist. Their innovative pop-up invites listeners to studio session performances of live albums.

"It's a fun night out," Bryson says. "And for artists, it's an opportunity to be heard."

In an exclusive interview on the Artist Uprising podcast, the dynamic husband-wife duo discuss their career as artistic entrepreneurs and the grit and grind it takes to thrive as creatives. Listen to their full interview here.

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