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Artist You Oughta Know: Lizzie Weber

On "Artist You Oughta Know," we introduce you to artists that you...well, oughta know. Be it for their distinctive style or their sheer talent, these are artists from all over the country who deserve your time, attention, and support. Today's artist is Seattle singer-songwriter Lizzie Weber.

You may hear her voice and think, “Where has this person been all of my life?” You may listen to her new single and realize, “This is just what I needed!” Both are completely normal reactions to Lizzie Weber’s astounding vocals. But that’s just scratching the surface.

Written in isolation, Weber’s new song “How Does It Feel” (a bellwether for a forthcoming EP) is a tale of love and empathy. Boasting those sweet vox and a knack for soothing storytelling, this Seattle-by-way-of-St. Louis guitar-slinger wraps you in a warm blanket and reminds you that things might just be okay.

"I’m quite proud of this song and hope it resonates with listeners," she explains. "In a time where so many are suffering, emotionally or physically or both, I wanted to express my own vulnerability and make art that highlights how that openness calls for empathy from our closest loved ones and strangers alike."

Weber credits her Midwestern upbringing for her ability to create resonant, emotional tunes. Thus far, she’s plied her trade with gigs in St. Louis and Seattle, but if she had her way, Weber would be serenading us from the biggest stages possible. So grab a warm cup of coffee, curl up on the nearest couch and let Weber’s sonic waves wash over you.

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For more information about Lizzie Weber visit or follow @lizziewebermusic


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