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  • Written by: Jade Byers + Angela Ross | Edited by:

Lauren Williams: Life of the Modern Bohemian Mom

Photograph by: Carley Summers

A wooden towel, buckets of dye, a portable fan, and a timer—these are the elements that Lauren Williams, now a mother of three, used to create unique tapestries to hang in her home. A little home décor for the modern, creative mom quickly became an enterprise for the Williams’ household in just a few short months. Catching the attention of Chip and Joanna Gaines, the colorful home accents of Williams’ were premiered on the last season of Fixer Upper, positioning the company for exponential growth both online and on the social channel it all started on, Instagram.

Williams grew up in a home where being a female was empowering. The idea that she couldn’t do something simply because she was a woman was not a part of her worldview. In fact, her favorite thing to say as a kid when trying something new was, “Watch me!” After graduating college, the marketing major uprooted her life in Texas and ended up in L.A. where she worked producing events. It was there that she met James, now her partner in business and life. The two moved to Dallas in 2010 after their first son was born to work and grow their family.

Empty space troubled Williams. A bare wall in one of the many rental houses they lived in after moving to Dallas seemed to stare her in the face, as if to personally challenge her to draw out what was deep inside all along.

“I wanted something with texture; something to pop off the wall. I wanted a big piece of art."

And so her first piece was birthed in 2014. Her wanderlust for something original and all her own took off. A few years and several more inspired walls later, the family has...

You can find her drawing inspiration for her next pieces at either The Joule Hotel or Dallas Arboretum.




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