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Celebrate Juneteenth by Supporting This Amazing Music Fundraiser

Today is Juneteenth, an annual celebration of emancipation. On this day 155 years ago, the last remaining enslaved African Americans were declared free. Of course, 155 years of segregation and vitriolic racism followed, proving that we still have so much work to do. Today, we can take more steps in that work, and support an incredible cause while enjoying amazing music.

The indie music haven Bandcamp is directing all of today's sales to the NAACP Legal Defense Fund, which fights racial injustice throughout the country. And they're not alone. From Björk to Perfume Genius and dozens of labels in between, creators and entrepreneurs across the country are directing funds to causes defending black lives.

Here is the most complete list we could find of all of the music creators and creatives participating in today's fundraising efforts. Pick a musician (or two...or three) and celebrate Juneteenth by supporting the fight for racial justice.


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