July 3: Support Local Artists on Bandcamp

The music hub Bandcamp has become a vital resource for some artists. In exchange for a cut, the website gives bands and musicians an easy-to-use platform for merch and music sales. But in the wake of unprecedented gig cancellations, Bandcamp is waiving that cut.

Today, 100% of the site's sales will go to the artists. That means you can support local artists more than ever with the click of a few buttons.

Support local artists like Danielle Grubb, who has a new album on Bandcamp

If you're wondering who to support, here is a list of 10 incredibly talented locals. On Bandcamp, buyers name their price. As long as your purchase is $1 or more for pre-2020 releases, and $5 or more for 2020 releases, all profits go to the artist.

Lastly: If you're feeling extra generous this weekend, here is a list of artists and labels celebrating special releases today.

Stay tuned to Artist Uprising as we continue to chronicle the creative community's response to COVID-19.

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