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  • Written By: Merrick Porchéddu | Interview by:

Jeremy McKane: "Ocean in Motion"

Photography by: Jeremy McKane

"I was in a dark cave along the shores of Tonga with a crew. To make it to the other side of the cave, we all had to freedive and swim up underneath the rock in pitch dark. You train for this kind of stuff, but when the moment hits you, you realize you have to drown out your fears if you don’t want to die.”

The power of the mind is an incredible thing. Dallas native, Jeremy McKane, is one of the most unparalleled artists of our city, probably because his playground happens to be in the most remote diving areas in the South Pacific islands. Or it’s because this artist uses mind-controlled virtual reality to take us to his underwater studio, a project McKane calls, LUCiD.

LUCiD is an interactive art installation where participants use their brain power to alter a reality for ocean life, visualizing the effects that humans have on the marine environment and the substantial difference that is made when we are actually aware of the amount of plastic and waste dumped into the oceans. It may sound like something straight out of a science fiction novel, but McKane and two other innovators, Aliaksei Rubanau (neurofeedback engineer) and Vasyl Skrypij (programmer), have designed the exhibit that even ArtPrize took notice of last year.

Growing up, McKane showed interest in building computers as early as eight years old. In his early 20s, he branched out into fashion photography for runway and print as well as shooting for Global Fashion News. He later found a niche in photographing models wearing gorgeous flowing gowns—while underwater. Needless to say, McKane’s hard-pressed, intellectual tech-side woven with his boundless, imaginative sensationalist-side struggled to find real purpose and poise when it came to his freelance work. It wasn’t until he was in his 30s that the tech geek with an eye for beauty found his real passion:...


You can find McKane posted up at his office at WeWork Thanksgiving Tower in Downtown Dallas. Interested in experiencing the magic of LUCiD for yourself? Visit to see tour dates for the next three years..




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