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DFW Artists Get the Spotlight at IBM in Coppell with Eight Commissioned Works

Photography by Tribe Films, Artwork by Kyle Steed

IBM--in partnership with Artist Uprising™--selected eight DFW artists to lend artistry and expression to their Global Solutions Center in Coppell. The trailblazing tech giant set out to capture the vitality and diversity of the DFW community while creating a stirring and motivational environment for its workforce.

"We want you to walk in and feel inspired to innovate, which is what IBM is all about: inspiration and innovation." - Shaunna Harry, Practice Director at IBM

Photography by Tribe Films, Artwork by Alicia Eggert

In 2019, IBM Coppell began planning a major renovation to unify Dallas and Coppell teams under one roof. The mission was to create a workplace destination that staffers are inspired by and look forward to visiting each day--a place that invokes collaboration, creativity and reflects the spirit of the local community. With that, the painstaking process of selecting artists began.

After much research and consideration of hundreds of artists, eight artists emerged as the best fit for the spirit of the Coppell office (featured left to right top to bottom):

"This was all about building bonds and creating communities within the space to make it feel like home, to feel like Dallas-Ft. Worth. There is no better way to express the soul of the DFW metroplex than through the local artist community," - Charlie Flexon, Design Director at IBM

The inspiration and process were beautifully documented by Tribe Films, a film partner of Artist Uprising™. This project was the first of many for IBM who plans on replicating the process in their many markets to produce refreshed workspaces filled with vibrant local art. Artist Uprising™ & Tribe Films plan to document every step of the way, starting with Coppell, TX:

Documentary film by Tribe Films

To follow this developing story, follow @ibm, @artistuprising, & @tribefilmsllc for more information.


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