Henry Martens: The L-O-V-E Thriller

Photograph by: Henry Martens

The film fades in to a bride and a groom alone in a meadow, under an endless sky. The couple moves in silence as an E.E. Cummings poem appears over a gentle symphony. This could easily be a scene from a Terrence Malick film, but it’s not—it is a wedding video; a testament to how serious filmmaker Henry Martens takes his craft. Martens runs The Brothers Martens production company alongside Bradford (his brother) and filmmaker David Le.

Martens watched many movies as a child, drawn to each film’s score. Once older, he became a self-taught musician and wanted to have a career in film scoring. He and Bradford—a skilled photographer—decided to collaborate their talents by applying high art techniques to a genre in desperate need of artistic experimentation: wedding videos. The two brothers successfully combined elements of European art cinema, capturing authentic love stories communicated through soaring scores and beautiful cinematography.

“I didn't even own a camera until four years ago; nor did I know how to turn a camera on,"

Martens said. It all started when Martens found himself browsing on eBay one day. On a whim, he placed a bid on a Blackmagic Cinema Camera—which he won.

“I started shooting random stuff around Dallas, asking videographers for technical and creative tips.”

The advice must have paid off because after three short years, The Brothers Martens wedding videos were featured on Love Stories TV (where they won "Best Destination Wedding Film") and Junebug Weddings. Their talent also landed them...


You can find Martens and his brother at the Houndstooth Coffee on Sylvan Ave. and I-30, drinking cappuccinos and dreaming up their next legendary love story masterpiece.





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