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You Can Help Artists During This Pandemic. Here's How.

"No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted."


Mr. Rogers reminded us look for the helpers. Maybe we don't have to look very far. Even if we can't be there for our friends right now, we can still be there for them. A few clicks, a few streams or a simple "hello" can be exactly what they need. I know our friends in the creative community need all of that and much more. So, if you're wondering how to help, or looking for more ways to help, anything on this list can do the trick.

Buy their work

Nothing will help creatives more than buying their artwork or purchasing their music.

Buy their merch

Cop your favorite performer's tee, hat or vinyl.

Stream their music

Make your favorite artist's work your work from home soundtrack.

Share links to their work

Don't stop at the streams--share their music or their artwork on social media, and encourage your followers to engage with your favorite creatives' craft.

Create a post or video about why their work means so much to you

You can tell the world how you feel about your favorite artist, thereby thanking the artist and spreading the word about their work all at once.

Include their work in your own videos

With their permission, of course.

Contribute to their crowdfunding

Whether you tip an artist during their livestream or support their crowdfunding campaign, you have plenty of options to show more financial support.

Any of these practices will enliven the spirit of our creative community. Happy helping, friends.


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