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We'll Take You There: Meet Muralist Haylee Ryan on The Hill

"We'll Take You There" is our behind-the-scenes look at the work that may be too far for you to see anytime soon. Since we're isolated in hour homes for the time being, we're taking a look back at the vibrant mural showcase on The Hill.

Haylee Ryan is a natural--and a naturalist. Through the use of vibrant floral designs, the native Texan can beautify even the most imposing edifice. Her creations evoke scenes and tell stories with a power that only the most talented artists can muster, a power honed while studying the greats during her travels in Spain. All of these key traits made her a must-have for The Hill.

Haylee Ryan on The Hill

When art world veteran Joshua King curated the muralists for The Hill, he had one key quality in mind: longevity. "Every one of these artists has long-term value," he says. That includes Ryan, whose predictably striking visual work is the perfect complement to The Hill's other muralists--who we'll explore in future blogs.

For now, watch the videos below to see behind the scenes of Haylee Ryan's Hill work, and then listen to her exclusive interview on the Artist Uprising podcast.


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