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Entrepreneur Jasmine Marie Discusses Why You Should 'Celebrate Your Wins'

Jasmine Marie joins us on episode 26 of the A.U. Podcast, and we're excited to share it with you! Jasmine's entrepreneurial spirit exudes in just the first minute of the podcast as she shares that this is her second shoot of the day. Cabus wastes no time diving into the questions and asks her where she found the love to do what she's doing today. Tune in to the full video on YouTube, or listen in on Spotify and Apple Music to hear her answer, learn more about her family, and all about how she was almost a baker. Read on for Cliff's Notes of episode 26.

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"I realized in college that people would pay me for my ideas."

After a few years and a few bake sales passed, in her late teen years, Jasmine directed a music video shoot for a friend that was twice her age. She created an idea for an upcoming release he had and in turn, he offered to pay her to be the Creative Director of the video. Only one catch, as a seventeen-year-old who would get her phone taken up, money wasn't what she needed, it was her own cell phone line. After her mom told her that she can take away her phone because she pays for it, Jasmine went around her home looking for electronics to sell at Radio Shack. Those electronics landed her a gift card with enough money for a Blackberry. Cue in a musician friend who wants to pay for a Creative Director. After purchasing her own phone, Jasmine tells her friend she will work on his music video if he turns the phone on for her under his account and so he does. Cabus was basically speechless at her entrepreneurial mind at such a young age. Spoiler alert: her mom didn't take it too well that she couldn't take her phone away from her anymore, but dad was in her corner.

After that experience, Jasmine quickly realized the importance of ownership. From a young age, she kept different journals with business ideas and plans. It was only a matter of time before something stuck and the idea came to life. Her favorite idea to date? Party In A Box™. You'll have to tune into the episode to see what that business endeavor is.

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These days, Jasmine works as the Creative Producer of CRWN Mag. A magazine created for black women by black women. Jasmine dives into the importance of inclusivity, especially in an industry like beauty that lacks to represent black women on magazine covers and beauty tips. Before becoming the Creative Producer, she had come on for a one-off project. Over the course of the month that followed, various staff members began reaching out for lunch and coffee dates before ultimately receiving a job offer. And although Jasmine stayed calm and collected on the outside, she was freaking out on the inside. After some consideration, she decided to give an offer she was uncomfortable with because Jasmine wants to close the wage gap, and the only way to do that is to go out of our comfort zones.

"If you are comfortable with a number, it's too low. If your hand is shaking while you are sending the email, that's the number."

To her surprise, the team at CRWN took that number and brought her on instantaneously. Jasmine believes she now is working in a space that is so much bigger than her after years of just working to get to the next job. But as most of us do she still feels like she is continuously learning even after all her years of experience and being in her role now.

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Outside of CRWN Mag, Jasmine owns Maison Saint James a Creative Agency that began as a dinner party after an experience at a horse jockey's house in The Hamptons. Jasmine realized that although she was fortunate enough to experience this 'disgusting luxury' through work, her friends would never get to experience it which is why she planned and hosted a party of her own in Dallas.

There is so much more to learn from this episode with Jasmine Marie that you will have to catch for yourself on our YouTube Channel, Spotify, or Apple Music.

Check out the Artist Uprising podcast to listen to the full conversation with Jasmine Marie and other interviews with creatives from across the globe. You can find Jasmine online on her Instagram page.


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