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  • Written by: Sydney Cooper

Ekaterina Kouznetsova: The Revolutionary Artivist

Imagine a service that revolutionizes the way you purchase and collect art—one curated to your taste and providing the option of purchasing a print or original piece from an array of artists. It’s exactly the idea 24-year-old Moscow native and Dallasite Ekaterina Kouznetsova had in 2016 when she created ArtMail.

It’s a simple premise: as a buyer, you identify multiple pieces of art styles you like (mood, color, shapes, etc.), then the technology’s in-house artificial intelligence algorithm (created by Michael Lockyer) and real-person art curation source multiple styles of art tailored to your taste. Once you select an artist, shoppers have the option to order works individually or subscribe monthly to have curated art pieces mailed directly to your home each month. Kouznetsova provides interviews with the selected artists on ArtMail’s website to enhance the buying experience.

“It means a lot more when people can make personal connections with art by learning about the person behind the work. You learn about the struggle, the successes, the heartache, or the healing behind each piece."

As a senior at the University of Texas at Dallas, Kouznetsova asked herself what she was going to do once she finished her undergraduate career. She saw a niche in the market when many of her artist friends received a “measly” amount for what they sold. She wanted to create a service where artists got the commissions they deserve.

“That was definitely some of the inspiration for placing higher value on art and prints as a whole, to where you can’t go to Walmart and get a $3 discounted poster of something an artist did and they probably didn’t get paid per print on it," Kouznetsova said.

Kouznetsova invested all of the money she saved working different jobs in college into ArtMail and used...

You will find the stylish Kouznetsova at her two favorite local spots: the Dallas Contemporary and Dallas Arboretum.




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