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  • Written by: Abby Jones, Photography by: Bree Marie

Daniella Mason's Authentic Debut Sets the New Standard for Pop Music

Photography by: Bree Marie Fish

Pop’s not dead—and Daniella Mason is the powerful, propelling heartbeat keeping it alive. It seemed a bright future was written in the cards for the Nashville-based singer-songwriter, considering her recent tours with Demi Lovato and DNCE. Mason dropped her self-titled debut Oct. 13, abounding with just as much passion as the virtually autonomous effort behind it.

“I would definitely say I’m very honest and assertive, and I think that carries over into my writing,” Mason said.

“I really want to tell true and honest stories and I think that’s what I end up doing.”

These honest stories are translated through her album via bumping bass lines, tasteful synths and harmonies that eloquently highlight her impressive vocal talent. Mason grew up singing from the time she could speak, being heavily influenced by her musical, world-traveling family.

Photography by: Bree Marie Fish

It was only a few years ago when she selected music as her full-time career. From that point on, Mason has continuously proven she’s a master of the indie-electropop scene that has exploded ever since she was a pioneer of the genre. She has also managed to thrive as an independent artist, a triumph she credits to her strong-willed personality.

“I was with a major label up until April,” Mason said.

“[Parting ways] started as a necessity, but it turned into a really beautiful time that’s shown me what I can do, and it’s tapped into my realms of creativity that I never would’ve tapped into if I’d hired someone.”

Music is only a sliver of the pie chart that is Mason’s creative realms. She executive produced her entire album, had a hand in penning each track, creates her own graphic design work, directs her own music videos and styles her own photo shoots.

“Probably the biggest struggle has been to find the balance between all of it—the balance between the administrative and creative sides of my brain,” Mason said.

“I think eventually what will happen is I’ll have the help I need, but I’ll be able to cast a vision.” Although tackling so much at once is admittedly strenuous for Mason, the success has been sweet. “Butterflies,” the most recent single from the album, was featured on Spotify’s New Music Friday playlist. She’ll be celebrating the debut with a few upcoming gigs preceding the release of yet another project—a concept EP scheduled to drop this winter.

Photography by: Bree Marie Fish

“[The EP has] a little bit of a darker and more cinematic, yet very intimate side of my artistry,” Mason said. With so much under her belt already, Mason has garnered enough momentum to launch herself into the mainstream pop world at any minute while staying loyal to her sincere lyrics and retro, worldly vibe.

“I think the fact that I’ve learned to pivot when something changes and the fact that I’ve learned to believe in myself no matter what someone says about me--whether it’s positive or negative--I think that’s an accomplishment that I’m really proud of,” Mason said. “I’m very thankful and glad that I’ve gotten to that point.”

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