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Singer-Songwriter Daniella Mason Talks About Being Vulnerable and Seeking Truth in Her Music

Indie pop artist Daniella Mason had just released a new EP when she joined us for a conversation on the Artist Uprising podcast. The Dallas-born, Nashville-based singer-songwriter has quickly carved a niche for herself as a soulful lyricist and powerful vocalist, and our conversation with her proved she embraces vulnerability.

Everything I write is based on my own experiences, and I relive it every time I sing it live," Mason says.

"I just want to say something important, and at least true."

Our expansive conversation with Mason delves into everything from her Dallas roots to her time as an independent artist and signing with a major label. Mason emphasized the importance of embracing your voice, but also being open to new things.

"For a few years, I only wrote by myself," she says. "But when I started collaborating with others my songwriting just got so much better."

Listen to the full interview with rising indie pop songstress Daniella Mason, and subscribe to the Artist Uprising podcast on the platform of your choice.


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