Revered Sculptor Dan Lam Talks About Her "Squishy" Pieces & Figuring Out What to Charge

"I saw the numbers and how it could work out at a bare minimum. It wasn't an epiphany, but it was definitely like, 'Oh this can work.'"

It's impossible to miss a piece by Dan Lam. The sculptor and longtime Texas resident creates what she calls "squishes," vibrant sculptures composed of material like foam, crylic and resin. Her other pieces are often called "blobs" and "drips." At this point, you're probably seeing a theme.

Lam has a rabid social media following and legions of fans that are crazy for her trippy, psychedelic style. Even Miley Cyrus is said to stan Dan Lam. This impressive popularity is pretty new: Lam became a full-time artist in just four years.

In an exclusive interview with Artist Uprising, the talented sculptor clues in listeners on secrets of the craft: How much to charge, how to make the leap to "full-time artist," and how she creates her signature pieces.

Listen to the full interview on the Artist Uprisingpodcast, and check out our full catalogue of interviews with some of the country's most captivating creatives.

A signature Dan Lam sculpture

A really goooood Lam exhibit (no apologies for the pun)

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