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Dallas Musician Vanalika Releases “Lonely,” a Song With Summer Sonics and an Empowering Message

Recently, Vanalika had a lightbulb moment. The talented singer heard about a woman who was assaulted and never received justice. The more she delved into this insidious issue, the more she realized how often this happens, and how rarely they actually get justice.

“Topics like this should be emphasized more frequently because they happen so frequently,” Vanalika says. “It became a passion project for me to talk about this in a song, and I think it’s important for artists to create welcoming environments.”

Photo by Maia

The result of her newfound passion is a striking and moving song, "Lonely," that debuted on May 20th on Deep Ellum Radio. This song’s summer sonics and potent lyrics create a listening experience that is the best of both worlds: an accessible track that is also an irresistible addition to your summer playlist.

It’s far from the first time Vanalika, whose name means “Sunflower,” has used her craft for an important cause. The artist and her family have deep roots in India, and amidst the country’s COVID-19 crisis, Vanalika is committed to doing her part. The proceeds for her song “O2” and its accompanying music video will be donated to charitable organizations like GiveIndia, The International Medical Corps, OxygenForIndia, and Vibha, each of which are supporting families impacted by the pandemic.

“It’s important to use your platform to talk about something important,” Vanalika says, citing artists like Billie Eilish and Harry Styles who do the same. Vanalika also notes that every song features her, “pouring all of my emotions out there.”

“I want you to be able to talk about what you’re passionate about, too,” she says, speaking directly about her listeners. “And to help you do that, to build that relationship with you, I have to be authentic. Every time you hear me, you’re hearing the real me.”

Photo by Maia

Follow Vanalika on Instagram to listen to her latest songs and learn more about her passion for authenticity in music. Check her out on Spotify Apple Music, or book Vanalika today.


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