Loft Stories is a Beacon of Light for Artists and Their Fans

You may have heard of Loft Stories. It’s a Dallas-based curator of amazing artist experiences, and they’re best known for their cool concerts. You also probably know that concerts aren’t really a thing at the moment. But that’s not stopping Loft Stories.

You see, Loft Stories is run by the talented, tireless husband-wife duo of Bryson and Meagan D’von Funk, and the Funks love music. When I say love, I mean deeply, truly love. They also love supporting artists, which is why they started this venture in the first place. Last year, the duo launched a live take music video series wherein they hand-picked some of their favorite artists to perform for a live recording. Then, they gave the recording away for free, because A) they’re saints and B) music videos can be quite expensive.

When the pandemic arrived, the Funks devised another music video giveaway and opened it up for a community vote.

“I hoped a community vote would bring people together when we can’t meet for live shows,” Meagan says. “I was searching for a way to bring people together, and connection and community are the backbone of Loft Stories.”

The community stepped up--big time. When Loft Stories asked people to name their favorite artist or band, the Funks received a tidal wave of recommendations. Even after they winnowed the list down to 8 artists, fans across Dallas continued to vote in shocking numbers.

Photo Courtesy of Loft Stories

“I was blown away by the community pulling together,” Meagan says, “especially when I didn’t think that many would care. But even as an Instagram account that had less than 1,500 followers at the time, we’ve had more than 5,000 votes and re-shares. It’s been nuts!”

Then Melody of Hope took note. This drive-in festival was looking for more ways to support local talent, so they promised the winner of the Loft Stories contest a slot at their November 6th festival. Meagan was amazed. For her, it wasn’t about Loft Stories: it was about the fans and the artists, who supported one another even as they competed.

“Musicians have banded together to lift each other up,” Meagan says. “I mean, I've cried every day from the kindness and love in such a scary time.”

Check out more of the cool work Loft Stories is doing, and see how they, too, are lifting up artists during a scary time.

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