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Crespatrick de los Reyes Talks Dallas, Dancing & Denim

"A lot of people think about denim and think, 'Dads!' You usually see denim in this one way. But that fabric is really deep. There's so much you can do with it. American denim. Japanese denim. Italian denim. it's a beautiful fabric." - Crespatrick de los Reyes

Designer Crespatrick de los Reyes talks about denim with an inimitable, unmatched zeal. It's clear he believes in the fabric's magic, and he'll make you believe in it, too.

In an exclusive podcast interview with Artist Uprising, the accomplished designer shares how he overcame his fears and built his budding career, plus:

  • His early career as a dancer

  • Moving to Dallas

  • How we (wrongfully) discount denim

  • Launching his own brand (and overcoming his early fears)

It's called fashion

Listen to the Artist Uprising podcast for this interview and many more with creatives from across the country.


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