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  • Written by: Artist Uprising

Artist Uprising Outfits Common Desk Addison with Local Art

All professional photography by: Ruby Simmons

It's no secret that Common Desk is one of our favorite places to be, so to say that it was a thrill to curate the entire art experience for the company's newest Addison location would be a total understatement!

We enjoyed every minute of working with the Common Desk Addison design team, lead by Austin Gauley, to carefully source such amazing local artists to showcase not only the Common Desk Addison brand, but also reinforce the ever-evolving Dallas art scene.

Take a look below to see how the project ended up! And, of course, an extra-special shoutout to all of the artists involved: You truly helped bring this new space to life in a way no one else could have.

New York Times best selling illustrator and Dallas artist, Arturo Torres illustrated three pop-art works to the likes of Taylor Swift (left), Drake (center), and Selena (the original-right).

Photography courtesy of artists's IG accounts

Local artist hailing from Bishop Arts neighborhood is Molly Magill. Her painting (left) kicked off the inspiration behind the color pallet for Addison, which was reimagined by another Bishop Arts artist, Haylee Ryan, into a complimentary mural at the front entrance of the space.

In the library lounge, you will find a "wall of faces" by Haylee Ryan - an interactive pallet ready and waiting for Common Desk's grand opening live art experience, where Ryan will draw unique faces as members & guests sip on cocktails and listen to a live DJ set by local musical artist, Larry Gee.

As you walk up the staircase, you are greeted by a photo (taken on an iPhone) of the intersection where President George Bush Tollway and the DNT meet, an intersection you are sure to cross on your way to this space as you come from the North. The city, "Addison," is represented in typography by Dallas muralist, Bobby Cerda.

On the second floor, you will discover a whimsical, yet controlled undulated mural by Dallas artist, Tiffany McAnarney, known for her line work and watercolor series.

Let's not forget signage. Shout out to Lesli Marshall's team for supplying the iconic logo in neons at the front entrance lobby and at the private entrance for member's only.

Lastly, as you walk down a 60 foot hallway, you will be inspired by a stunning paper plane installation, designed by Molly Magill to reflect the rich history of Addison's private airport and Cavanaugh Flight Museum, a staple of Addison, Texas.

Be sure and stay tuned for more on our next project with Common Desk. That's right, Trammel Crow Center, we're bringing art your way very soon!

In the meantime, come join us for the grand opening party of Common Desk Addison, September 5th from 5:30PM - 7:30PM! Catch the details on their Eventbrite page.




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