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  • Written by: Lee Escobedo

Bobby Sessions: "The Legend from Dallas"

Photography by: Gavin Lueking

Dallasites who have been following the rise of rapper Bobby Sessions to recent Def Jam Recording signee have heard the legend. If they haven’t, here’s how it goes...In 2015, Sessions quit his construction job with $50 in his pocket to pursue rap full-time. He had recently embraced a positivity philosophy dubbed “The Law of Attraction” (or “LOA”), which he would also name his 2015 debut album later that year.

Branching out as a solo rapper after a successful stint in the punk-rap group Brain Gang, Sessions put everything he had into his craft, honing his lyrical skills into blistering barb-filled bars tackling social injustice, race relations, and cultural inequity, foreshadowing the state of America just a few years later. Earlier this year, the investment paid off when new CEO of Def Jam, Paul Rosenberg, hand-picked Sessions as one of his first new additions to the label, marking Sessions as a top success story in Dallas hip-hop history.

“He feels like the new music I am working on fits the musical mold of what Def Jam represents,” Sessions said of Rosenberg.

The connection to top label Def Jam was made possible through Sessions’ management: Dallas-based record label and management firm HIGH STANDARDz, run by Vince Chapa who has managed Frank Ocean and Jeremy “J Dot” Jones. Jones used his industry connections to get Sessions’ music in front of...

You can find Sessions hanging out at his two favorite Dallas hotspots: Vitruvian Park and Deep Ellum.




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