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  • Written by: Kevin Ryan + Merrick Porchéddu

Beau Bollinger: The Hair Story

Before he picks up his scissors and starts cutting hair, stylist Beau Bollinger learns about the person sitting in his chair. His demeanor is calming; he’s witty, smooth, and pleasant to be around. Bollinger’s chair works as a therapy couch—a place for him to connect with his client through empathy.

“The consultation is everything," he says.

“I ask myself this question daily: ‘How can I translate somebody’s personality and bring out the best of them with a haircut?’ It’s quite simple. I start with the parameters of finding out who they are, what they do, what they are passionate about, and what music they listen to. Then, as they tell me about their life, I tell that story with their hair."

Maybe this is why Bollinger was the perfect candidate to head up the first brick-and-mortar salon in Dallas of New York-based Hairstory. The e-commerce company, whose owners started Bumble and bumble (one of the biggest hair care brands in the world), creates breakthrough styling products for hairdressing professionals and their clients. In March, Hairstory Studio Dallas made its debut, taking on an innovative approach to minimalism at its finest.

“Even a smooth-running salon has so many processes for the client to interact with the hairdresser. We’re using technology to cut those steps out and essentially minimize the booking, the time at the studio, and the process to order our products."

Bollinger, an entrepreneur in every way possible, remains a...

You can find Bollinger at his studio salon off Knox-Henderson next to Houndstooth, a coffee shop he frequents on the daily.




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