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Behind the Scenes at Bayshore

Photo by Sam Li

If you’ve been following our work recently, you’ve probably heard about the Bayshore project. Okay, chances are you’ve heard about it many times. But have you gotten the chance to actually see it? Probably not. Fortunately, we’ve been diligently documenting the entire creative process just for you.

Based in Milwaukee, Bayshore is a shopping, dining, and entertainment complex adorned with breathtaking murals. Together with Cypress and Emma Daisy, we did what we do best: find the best creatives for the job. The roster we assembled includes some of the most innovative artists working in Wisconsin, and the incredibly talented Samuel Li captured their work in this series of videos edited and produced by Artist Uprising Studios.

If you're a Milwaukee local, feel free to check out all the amazing work while attending their upcoming Bayshore Art & Artisan Fair. However, if you'd like a sneak peek, check out the series below to explore every nook, cranny, and alley of what has been created at Bayshore.

Muralist CERA brought his artistic touch to Bayshore

Illustrator, painter & designer Sid Ylagan brought her talents to Bayshore

The multi-talented multi-hyphenate Fred Kaems contributed his unique vision

Emma Daisy added her own flourish to the project

Christina Persika used Bayshore as a canvas for joy

And John Kowalczyk made one of his masterful mixed-media creations

To learn more about the Bayshore Art Project visit the website and follow along on Instagram.


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