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  • Written by: Artist Uprising

Dallas Design District to Welcome Idan Zareski's "Babyfoot"

Coming very soon to the thriving Dallas Design District community is none other than the big, beautiful Babyfoot sculpture. By June of this year, the renowned work of art, created by French-Israeli sculptor Idan Zareski, will make for quite the attraction at the neighborhood's Oak Lawn entrance. Don't worry, you won't miss him!

Sitting pretty at 8 feet tall and 13 inches wide, Babyfoot is one of a series of eight, which are scattered across the world, from the Swiss Alps to the beaches of Costa Rica, to right here in our own backyard of Dallas, Texas.

Babyfoot's creator, Zareski, is a globe-trotting artist known for designing his sculptures from instinct and emotion rather than sketches, and, amazingly enough, has never even taken an art class in his life.

Read more about Babyfoot and Zareski on the Dallas Design District blog.




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