Calling All Artists: Apply for an Artist Uprising Grant

We don't have all of the answers.

For months, we watched as a pandemic devastated our world. Then came the killing of George Floyd. We're lost. We're enraged. Some days, we feel hopeless. But we can't give up.

It's been proven time and time again that art has power. Creativity has power. You have power. And now is the time for us to come together and use our collective creative power to remind the world of what is good.

As we forge ahead and strive for a future where everyone is loved, embraced, and cared for, we're calling on all artists to create work focused on one theme: Unity.

Create for George Floyd and the many other men and women of color who no longer have a voice. Create for our community. Create, because a house divided cannot stand.

In the weeks ahead, let's stand together and create work that celebrates unity. Ask yourself, 'What does 'unity' mean to me?' Then, fill a song, room, wall or canvas with your vision. Fill your world with your message of community, and together we'll bring unity to the world.


Create a piece focused on the message of UNITY. When you share your work on Instagram, in your caption use the phrase: "A nation divided cannot stand. I pledge to choose unity." Tag us @ArtistUprising and use the hashtag #ArtistUprising. Our team will review the submissions and award a pair of Artist Uprising Grants: $500 each to two talented artists.

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